As with any website, there could be instances on Trendy Matrimony website where you see people abusing the power they have been given to use online. You might realize when you interact with people that, you may also come across some individuals who you’d rather not communicate with at all. And sometimes these people can be a nuisance who keeps bothering you from time to time. Although a simple warning or two can turn away these unwanted people in some occasions, it’s always not the same.

Tamil Matrimony Report Abuse
Tamil Matrimony Reports

The staff at Trendy Matrimony online matrimony services is ever ready to handle these types of situations and also to help you with any other bothersome situation you might find yourself in while using our Tamil matrimonial services website. Reporting any abuse that you might come across, even if it is not happening to you, is not only a help to you and your fellow members, but it will be a help to us as well. This is because, each of your reports gives us the opportunity to review and make sure our users are safe from any cyber threats as well as malicious content and users.

We at Trendy online matrimonial services take the privacy and confidentiality of our users very seriously. We try our very best to keep your sensitive information hidden and private as much as possible, unless you choose to share it among the users. If you receive any spam messages or if you are subjected to any kind of phishing because of Trendy matrimony services, please make sure to let us know so that we can see where this threat is coming from and take the necessary steps needed in order to suppress it. 

Tamil Matrimony Privacy
Tamil Matrimony Any Questions

If you have any questions, or if you feel that you are the subject of some abuse online, even if it is something minor, please do not hesitate to report the abuse that you are going through to our staff who are is ready to help you with anything at any given time by calling our 24 hour toll free number 1800-000-0000. We believe that this allows us to make sure that our Tamil matrimonial services are more secure and reliable than any other matrimony service site.