Tamil Matrimony Online Matrimonial Services

We at Trendy online matrimonial services always look out to be a reliable online matrimony website since we value our online users as well as their privacy. Since anyone is able to use our website, there is a chance for having fake matrimony profiles as well as malicious bride or groom profiles. However, we at Trendy Tamil matrimonial services always work hard in order to make your matrimony profiles as secure as possible.

Tamil Matrimony Verified Account

This is why secured groom and bride profiles are one of the main features in Trendy matrimonial services. All matrimony profiles are verified at a point after a bride / Groom join as a member at Trendy Matrimony website and each verified account is mentioned as verified within the site. This verification process is done by calling each member to verify whether their details such as the name, dob, city etc. are accurately mentioned in their bride and groom profiles. This is the reason that has made sure of our confidence when it comes to the matrimony profiles and their content with which you’ll be interacting with. In addition to verification procedures, we also have a highly secured database that cannot be accessed from anywhere external to our company, increasing the security of your information further. 

Tamil Matrimony Relationships

By the researches we have conducted it has been found that around 90% of the relationships that have been formed within Trendy Matrimony are between verified mobile accounts. This is a good reason for you to get your matrimony profile verified as soon as you join our website. 

Tamil Matrimony Features in Website

We have enabled ways to secure your groom and bride profile even further by yourself. You can easily make changes to your matrimony profile so that you will be able to choose who can view your profile and access information about you. Registered brides/grooms can restrict access to their photographs and some personal information to be visible only to users you have accepted like requests of, this can ensure the safety of your information and eliminate the risk of your personal information and photographs falling into the wrong hands. 

Tamil Matrimony 24x7 Support

If you have any reason why our security should improve more, or if you want to report a person who’s harassing you or acting in a way that is harmful for others, you can easily report them to our 24/7 online help center as well. We are dedicated to build you a safe and secure environment with unlimited profiles where you will be able to freely interact with others while finding your online lifepartner